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Friday, May 6, 2011

Company Spotlight: American Racing Wheels

When drag racing innovator Romeo Palamides teamed up with J.O. Ellison, a San Francisco machine shop owner, the American Racing Wheels and Rims mission began. American Racing Wheels and Rims introduced the original five-spoke American Racing Torq Thrust wheel in the late 1950s, which is considered to be one of the most famous vintage rim and hot rod wheels of all time.  Over 50 years later, exemplifying their tradition of excellence, American Racing Wheels continues in period correct and custom wheels for hot rods, muscle cars and restorations. 

In joint collaboration within their exclusive agreement with Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. and Shelby Automobiles Inc., American Racing Wheels designed an released the Carroll Shelby Legend Series of performance wheels for Shelby Cobra, Ford Mustang, and other muscle cars, trucks, and SUVs. In collaboration with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and American Racing Rims, American Racing Wheels released the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Signature Series wheels.  American Racing Wheels is continuing its rich tradition of off-road wheels and muscle car wheels. "In Thrust We Trust," a slogan of American Racing exemplifies the heart of the business, muscle cars, custom cars, restoration cars and all who have interest in them.  

To buy your American Racing Wheels, visit us at TiresByWeb and browse our selection of wheels. 



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