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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Fan of the Week Contest

Hey Everyone!

It's Chris again, now in the middle of my third week with the team!

I just wanted to let everyone know about our new Facebook contest.

It's the Fan of the Week Contest! 

Enter to win an amazing coupon to our website and SAVE on wheel and tires!
Winners will receive a $10 off single wheel/tire purchase or $40 off a set of 4 wheels/tires.

Entering the contest is easy! Simply send us a picture of you and your car with any item from our website installed on it, and you could be the next fan of the week!

You can submit your photos via our Facebook page or directly via Email.

Whether it's Nokian tires or American Racing wheels, we want to see all of your customized vehicles!

So start sending us those pictures of you and your cars in order to become the next fan of the week. Submit your photos today!

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