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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news.
Nokian Tires just released some information yesterday stating that they are beginning production of the OE Stock Toyota Highlander tire size in the groundbreaking WR-G2!
The 245/55R19 size should be available soon in the United States! If you are unfamiliar with these great tires, i have included some information below.

Nokian WR-G2
  • Inside, Outside Design Tread Pattern - Tread pattern differs on the inside of the tire and the outside shoulder of the tire for the best handling on wet and dry pavement
  • Driving Safety Indicator - DSI system uses number blocks displayed in the center of the tread area, indicating the safety level and remaining tread depth in millimeters 
  • 3-D Self-Locking Siping - The self-locking siping located in the central rib supports the tire in the lateral and longitudinal direction, and particularly improves driving stability and wet grip 
  • Water Wipe System - Ensures that the tread is pressed firmly against the pavement to prevent  hydroplaning and slushplaning when braking 
  • Canola Oil and Cool Silica Tread Compounds - These compounds combined improve winter wet grip and reduces tire rolling resistance saving fuel without compromising its winter capabilities  
  • Respecting the Environment - Manufacturing Process uses only low aromatic, purified oils
  • Severe Service Emblem - Only four-season family of tires that carries the Severe Service Emblem exceeding new government snow condition regulations

These tires are an ALL SEASON performance tire...yet they perform better in snow than just about ALL dedicated winter tires!

Or call toll-free 800-576-1009 ex. 776 to place an order!


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