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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nokian Press Release: Electric Sports Car Concept

Hey Everyone,
It's been a busy July here at TiresByWeb, people are already thinking winter! Nokian Tyres, the pioneer of witner tires, has been busy building an electric sports car! Check out the press release below:

For immediate release:
Electric sports car prototype proves that efficiency and performance can co-exist.
Colchester, Vermont, August 1, 2011: A new breed of sports car that harnesses the fuel efficiency of an electric car and the power and speed of a traditional sports car will hit the road at the first ever international e rally for electric vehicles tomorrow. The car, called Electric Race About (ERA) will compete at the e-miglia rally 2011, a four-day clean street rally that winds drivers through four countries and almost 500 miles of Alpine mountain roads of central Europe. ERA is a joint project of Nokian Tyres and Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. While it consumes only 14.5 kWh over 62 miles (equal to .42 gallons of fuel) and emits no carbon monoxide, it goes from 1 to 60 mph in just six seconds and tops out at 136 mph. “The goal of the ERA prototype project is to demonstrate that an electric vehicle is a viable solution
today and that electric vehicles can be very efficient, fast and practical at the same time,” Sami Ruotsalainen, team leader and chief engineer of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences explains. “Our students have a tremendous learning opportunity at working with state-of-art technology and demonstrating its capability to public. At e-miglia we want to show that our e-car can drive in the first row even at the toughest rally.” The car features electric motor technology with 330 kW short-time and 200 kW continuous, a pure
electric power system with four inboard mount motors, the latest Lithium-Titanate battery pack, and Nokian Tyres Z G2 high-speed eco tires.
The tires are a crucial construction piece in this car’s development, since tires consume a considerable amount of energy. E-cars need tires with extremely low rolling resistance, or friction against the road’s surface, in order to reduce the amount of energy necessary to move the car. Not only does the Nokian Z G2 provide low rolling resistance and superb safety handling, it is completely free of any harmful high-aromatic oils. Like all products manufactured by Nokian Tyres, the Nokian Z G2 is made using purified oils and with minimal environmental impacts. ERA’s past victories include winning the Battery Electric Rally at Challenge Bibendum in Berlin 2011 with awards for fuel efficiency, local pollution, well-to-wheel CO2 emissions, and design
contest as well as second prize at Automotive X-prize 2010, the worldwide competition for energyefficient and clean vehicles. The car is still a prototype; price and market date are pending.

Nokian Tyres, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Nokian Tyres P.L.C. Located in Colchester,
Vermont, the company employs 170 people and services over 1500 retailers in North America
selling Nokian products. The company also owns and operates 10 Vianor retail tire and service
centers through the Northeastern United States. Further information about Nokian’s North
American operations is available at its North American specific website:

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