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Monday, September 12, 2011

Get the Best Performance out of Your Racing Vehicle with Nitto Tires

Getting the best performance out of your racing vehicle is important. Whether you race on a track or in the street, the best way to enhance your car's performance is using Nitto Tires. When looking for racing tires you want tread that is large in area and sticky. The more rubber that meets the road means the more traction you are going to get. You also want to get a tire that has a soft compound of rubber. Some racing tires allow you to dig your thumbnail into it. This will add more grip that will transfer the power from your motor to the tire and onto the ground. Finally, you want a racing tire that has a stiff sidewall. This ensures that when cornering hard while racing the tire does not flex or bend, which is what creates the squealing sound of tires. A stiff sidewall will give you more control of the car and will limit spinning out or drifting out of your line.

The performance of the tires is very important if you want to race. If you are just drag racing there are certain Nitto Tires for that provide a great amount of grip without much emphasis on cornering characteristics. While racing on a course with many sharp turns, then tires with a strong sidewall along with great grip are going to be best for performance.

While racing can be fun, remember to consider safety. Avoid tires that are going to blowout easily or a tire that is going to give out when cornering hard. Grip is very important while accelerating or there is a risk of spinning out. You will have to consider if you are going to race in rain or on slick roads, you may need tires that have better treads that will allow you to keep in contact with the road.

Getting the best tire for your needs will be crucial to your success in racing. Whether racing down a drag strip or navigating a curvy course, make sure to get the best tire for that situation. Nitto Tires provide the maximum grip and cornering for any racing needs. When the rubber meets the road, these tires will set you apart and leave everyone eating your dust.



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