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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Minus Sizing for Winter Tires

Minus sizing can be a very cost effective way to shop for a winter tire and wheel package. There are many advantages to switching to a smaller diameter wheel. 
Thinner tires have less surface area, allowing them to cut through the snow much easier. This allows for better handling in snowy conditions. 
Smaller tires typically have larger sidewalls, meaning a much more comfortable ride because there is more of an "air cushion" between the wheel and the road.
There is also a significant price difference. Larger diameter tires have a smaller sidewall which still needs to support the same amount of weight. The larger diameter tires require more reinforcement in the sidewall, making it more difficult and expensive to produce.
Also, having a separate set of tires and wheels for the winter makes it incredibly easy to transition between summer and winter tires. Instead of needing to get your tires remounted and balanced every transition period, you can simply bolt on the other wheels. 

At our wheel and tire packages come ready to bolt on to your vehicle! Tires come mounted and balanced on your wheels by our tire professionals with lug nuts, valve stems, hub centering rings (if required). 

Unlike the Competition, Nokian Tires use the Same Rubber Compound Throughout the Whole Tire

Nokian tires are very unique because they are made with the same rubber compound all the way through the tire. Most leading tire brands are only made with a thin layer of soft winter rubber on the top of the tire, with a much harder all season rubber underneath. In the tire industry we call these tires "one and done", because they offer good performance for one season and then they need to be replaced. It is not unusual for our customers to see an average of 4-6 winter seasons out of Nokian Tires. Nokian Tires are a safe and long lasting investment. 

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