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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Upgrade the Look of Your Car with American Racing Wheels

When it comes to aftermarket wheels, it's hard to beat the quality and style of American Racing Wheels! American Racing Equipment, Inc. and its founder, Romeo Palamides, along with wheel designer and business partner Tom Griffith streamlined a popular American pastime by turning an innovative concept into reality. 

Romeo Palamides, an icon in the muscle car world, first created the wheels that would become American Racing Wheels during hot rodding's earlier years. Using first magnesium and later aluminum in the wheel's construction created a lightweight product that was also visually appealing. The design was an instant success and is now considered one of the best muscle car wheels ever created.

This first wheel released by the company, called the Torque Thrust, combined a lightweight magnesium frame with a "tapered parabolic contour" spoke design. As a result, cars using the wheel not only had a decrease in wheel mass, they also allowed for a faster cooling of the brakes, which became essential for drag racers. The original Torque Thrust is highly collectible by fans of racing and muscle car enthusiasts alike.

American Racing Equipment, Inc. is constantly evolving. The company continues to use every available technology in order to remain one of the leaders in the industry. Their business model is highly dependent on the idea that the best way to move forward into the future is by using their past successes as a guide. Time and again for the past fifty years, the company has been the one that industry professionals and hobbyists turn to when they want the latest information on wheels and rims for their muscle cars. With the right choice of wheels for your vehicle, you can upgrade the look of any muscle car to its fullest potential. Invest in some American Racing Wheels today!



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