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Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Fuel Efficient Tire line from Nokian Tires Expected in 2013

Nokian tires is introducing the Nokian eLine summer tyre. Nokian eLine, utilising future technology, goes straight to the top and achieves an AA rating on the EU’s new tire labeling. Its fuel efficiency and wet grip are at the top of the new EU tyre label, class A. This display of technological skill from the world’s leading manufacturer of winter tires is not a concept; it is a state-of-the-art product available to consumers. Retail sales of the Nokian eLine will begin in the spring of 2013 (though sales in the US could be as late as 2014). It is suited for smaller cars, for all drivers who value future solutions, the best fuel efficiency and safe grip properties.

Several technical solutions set the Nokian eLine apart from regular summer tyres. The moment of inertia of this innovative tyre has been significantly reduced, which makes the tyre quick to respond to steering movements. Much like a rotating gyroscope resists toppling over; the moment of inertia tries to resist steering. The Nokian eLine is easy and quick to handle, even in surprising and extreme situations.

The arched tread surface and sturdy belt structure of the Nokian eLine work together seamlessly to produce a stable driving feel. By minimizing acceleration slip at the road contact point, wet grip can be improved, reducing braking distance on rain-slick roads.

The new EU tyre label indicates the tyre's braking distance on wet asphalt from a speed of 80 km/h. For example, the difference between the best class A and the weakest class F in terms of stopping distance can be over 18 metres, or four car lengths. The EU tyre label must be applied to all tyres sold in Europe by November 2012.

Innovations create a green product

The traditional grooves on the Nokian eLine’s outer shoulder have been replaced by sipes. The shape of the pattern blocks also differs from the usual. The pattern block was shortened longitudinally and grown laterally. This divides the load of the Nokian eLine across a larger area, making deformations during driving, or rolling resistance, as small as possible. The cross-section is straighter than on traditional tyre models, which reduces rolling resistance further.

“Reduced heat generation adds to both the structural integrity and the wear resistance of the tread pattern. As we have succeeded in improving the structural integrity, we have also been able to find the best possible solution in terms of rolling resistance,” Pirhonen illustrates.

The rubber compound tailored for demanding use further improves the green nature of the Nokian eLine. This fuel-efficient newcomer quickly reaches its operating temperature. The energy-efficient tyre has low rolling resistance from the very beginning. Rolling resistance amounts to approx. 20 per cent of the vehicle’s fuel consumption. It has a significant effect on the car’s operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions. In the EU tyre label classification, the difference in consumption between the best and weakest tyre (A-G) is significant, at around 0.6 l/100 km.

Technology also used for winter tyres

Nokian Tyres developed the world's first winter tyre for the winter frost in 1934. The company has also been a bold forerunner for eco-friendliness, being the first in the world to start using purified, low aromatic oils in its tyres. The Nokian eLine strengthens the image of the industry pioneer as a developer of innovative, eco-friendly, and best-selling products.

In addition to state-of-the-art safety properties, tyres also need to be economical and comfortable to drive. The new innovations and modern technology benefit all the users of our tyres. For example, the square contact surface of the Nokian eLine, optimised for rolling resistance and wet grip, is also used in Nokian winter tyres.


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