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Monday, February 4, 2013

The King of Hammers

ATX Wheels are designed to meet the needs of outdoor and off-road enthusiasts alike. They are thoroughly tested for the strength and durability that customers have come to expect from the ATX Brand. They are the first and only wheel manufacturer to offer Teflon coated wheels. A Teflon coating is intended to resist dirt build up and makes clean-up much easier. With almost 25,000 retailers worldwide, ATX Brand has amassed a large following among off-road enthusiasts everywhere.

The King of Hammers takes place during the first nine days of February in the town of Johnson Valley, California. The dry lake bed is temporarily transformed into a 20,000 person city called "Hammertown". ATX has been a proud sponsor and the official wheel of the Ultra4 race team for many years, so long there is a street in Hammertown named "ATX Avenue".

The King of Hammers event includes a combined challenge of desert sprint and technical rock crawl; the ultimate test of man and machine. Nearly 200 teams are expected to compete for the fastest time through the course. The race can last over 10 hours and takes place of 180 miles of impossibly rocky terrain.


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