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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nokian Tires recently announced that they will be adding some new products to their legendary Hakkapeliitta and WR tire lines in 2013.
Nokian WR-G3
Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2

Kumiin on sekoitettu tällaisia pieniä kiteitä.
Cryo-Crystal Compound
The Hakkapeliitta Tires line, which is known for its exceptional winter performance and safety, gained a new member called the Hakkapeliitta R2 tires. Though North America will not be seeing the SUV version until next year, the passenger tire is available in many sizes already. The tire boasts superior handling and rolling resistance to its predecessor, with improved compounding and dense shoulder siping. The newly redesigned compound contains millions of sharp particles called "Cryo Crystals" that are designed to increase traction on snow and ice. The directional tread design of the R2 is similar to the Hakkapeliiitta R tires, but Nokian expects to see at least a 20% improvement over the previous model.  

The WR tire line boasts a winter rating for safety in snow and ice conditions while maintaining the year-round versatility of an all-weather tire. With the newest addition of the WR-G3 tire, you really can "forget the forecast". The tread pattern will remain asymmetric in most common sizes (it will be directional in smaller and less popular sizes) and will maintain the high performance speed ratings as well. The WR-G3 is designed to have excellent preventative slush and aquaplaning properties, a large concern for an all-weather product. Nokian's "silent sidewall technology" is also making its debut with the WR-G3 tires. The technology will greatly reduce vibration in the bead area, making the tires much quieter at higher speeds. 


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