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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Know When to Replace Old Tires

If you have ever driven a car, you’re most likely aware of the more obvious parts that make up the vehicle. No one who drives would fail to instantly recognize by sight alone a steering wheel, bumper, or headlight. Unfortunately, due to how common these parts tend to be, owners often overlook the importance of their upkeep. One such victim is the very tires that keep the automobile aloft. Many people feel that it is perfectly fine to run their tires until they are completely worn away or, even worse, until they burst. This practice is not only damaging to the car, but could be dangerous to the driver and his or her passengers. To avoid disastrous incidents, the following checks can be done to ensure that your tires are fit to drive on.

Examine the Tread Pattern
Almost every variety of tires sold on the market has a small bridge that is formed between the treads. By investigating the tread pattern, you will be able to see these bars start to appear between the treads more visibly or running through the entirety of the tires. As the material of the tires wear, these bars will become even with the tire's tread. When this happens, your tires need to be replaced.

Follow Legal Requirements
If you want to do everything “by the books”, most jurisdictions have laws governing when tires should be replaced. In most of the United States, for example, tires are considered “illegal” if they are reduced to 1/16” of remaining tread. If you are unsure of what the legal requirements are for where you live, an employee at your local autobody shop should be able to inform you.

Six-Year Rule of Thumb
If all else fails, there is a generally accepted rule that your tires should be replaced every six years. The age can range up to ten years, depending on how frequently the vehicle is used. No tire should be used for more than ten years, however. Doing so is extremely dangerous, as the material in the tire is not produced to remain sturdy for that long.

Replacing your tires can be a hassle, but it’s best to do so for your own safety. Doing research to figure out what the best value of tire is can also be done from the comfort of your own home. Nokian Tires Online is a perfect example of websites dedicated to providing tires not only at your convenience, but for your protection.


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