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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Importance of Seasonal Tires

As we slowly pass through the last week of August, many of us are prepared to leave the sweltering heat of summer in the past and press on to cooler days. It won’t be long before the chilly winds of autumn will give way to ice and snow either, and the sooner you prepare for the winter season the better. While you may remember to stock up on hot chocolate and to switch out your wardrobe, don’t forget to give your automobile the amount of attention it needs before the first snowfall of the season. If you’re unsure of where to begin, a common starting point is picking up a new pair of winter tires.

The name may imply their purpose, but how exactly are winter tires different from the common ones you use any other time? Summer tires, or “high-performance tires”, provide an enhanced style of treads intended to grip asphalt and prevent your car or truck from sliding along the road. Unfortunately, this extra grip technology causes tires to wear out quickly and become obsolete sooner than you would expect at about ten thousand miles of use. Summer tires might be your best option under normal circumstances, but when the roads become wet and slick with snow it’s time to make a change.

The most noticeable difference between winter tires and other variants are the materials used to produce the object. Winter tires are created by utilizing specific low temperature resilient rubber compounds and also depend on extremely deep treads that will allow any vehicle to drive along icy roads. If used during extremely cold temperatures, summer tires will become brittle and may begin to fall apart with little to no warning. The imminent danger involved in driving with tires that threaten to disintegrate need not be explained, but suffice it to say you would be risking your own life as well as those around you. If you’re looking for the right winter tires to ensure the safety of your loved ones, look no further than the Nokian WR G3.

When placed against the competition, Nokian snow tires  provided the highest level of grip while driving on top of both ice and snow. In fact, the Nokian WR G3 was rated the #1 Performance Winter Tire by Consumers report. Don’t gamble with your car parts – you trust your vehicle to get you from place to place safely, the least you can do is provide it with the right parts. Are there any other precautions that should be taken to ensure a safe drive during the colder months? What do you do to prevent problems while driving in the snow?


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