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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Purchasing Snow Tires for Safety

When the temperature outside begins to take a nose dive, nearly every driver asks themselves the same question: Do I need to purchase snow tires this year? Although many, if not all, of us would prefer to hold onto our money, is it possible that winter tires are the greatest contributing factor to your safety on the road when it snows? Personal driving skill and a cautious temperament could mean very little if you find yourself sliding due to unnoticeable ice patches, or during an unexpected blizzard. Thankfully, battling the elements is easier today than it has ever been in the past.

For the perfect example of modern era safety, we need not look any further than Vredestein Snow Tires. Available in several different models, including the Sprint Classic, Quatrac 3, and Snowtrac 3 Tires, you’ll find few other options that provide the all-encompassing combination of safety and function. Designed by experts to improve acceleration, braking, and handling in the multitude of dangerous driving terrain that winter brings, your investment is well worth the money. Consider the dangers that typically accompany loss of control when driving, these issues only become more threatening without the additional traction available from the Vredestein tire line.

Expert Joerge Burfein from Continental Tire has been quoted as saying in his research that "Stopping distances can double if you are not using a winter tire as temperatures decline." This claim has been tested several times by many different companies, and every time it has been proven as true. A responsible driver should know that investing in winter tires should not be perceived as a waste of money, but as paying for security. If you live in an environment that has any amount of snow, it is the duty of every respectable vehicle owner to protect not only their own lives, but the lives of those they share the road with.


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