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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Save Time and Money with Nokian Tires this Winter

For many people, the onset of winter means many great things; the upcoming holidays, the start of a new year, and plenty of chances to get together with the family. There is one feature of the colder season, however, that is renowned for determining how enjoyable winter will be – snow. While many people look forward to the first snowfall of the season, the same frozen precipitation that people find beautiful can also be a severe hindrance and safety hazard. For car owners, snow means needing to undertake the unenviable task of replacing standard tires with a set of winter alternatives. Doing so can be time consuming and difficult, especially for the elderly, but thankfully there is another option that doesn’t require over exerting yourself.

Nokian Tires are known globally for their lasting quality and approachable prizes, but there is more to the products than meets the eye. Take, for example, the All-Weather Nokian WR G3 Tires; while they make for an unbeatable set of snow tires, they aren’t confined to only being used during winter. Over 70 years of research and experience has led to the development of tires that can pull through slick and slippery streets in the middle of January and offer the standard level of traction you expect during summer. Why waste time and money switching your tires every season when the right pair of Nokian Snow Tires can save you the trouble?

Customers, especially those driving in northern conditions, require safe and durable tires that won’t quit in the middle of a long drive. Understanding a driver’s concern for safety, Nokian tires also meet all of the government’s uniform tire quality ratings. Customers can rest assured that their safety is not being compromised for the purpose of a quick or cheap sale. So, before you run out and purchase another set of tires that will need to be taken off in short order, consider the benefits of investing in tires that can pull their own weight year round.


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