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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tips for the Winter Tire Season

It’s that time again: dropping temperature, early nights, and – worst of all – snow. While the frozen white stuff might be pretty to look at, it can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. Shoveling, salting the sidewalk, and appropriate winter clothing are all important, but there’s one aspect that absolutely should not be overlooked – winterizing your vehicle. Asphalt roads become hazardous when coated in a thin layer of ice and snow, and it’s up to the drivers to ensure safety and order are maintained. Although it may not have begun precipitating yet, consult the following list sooner rather than later for helpful hints this winter season.

Check the Forecast
Many drivers believe that because they are unlikely to get snow that they don’t need to spend money on winter tires. While it might be safe to avoid purchasing snow tires in areas that receive absolutely no snow, if your area is expect even the slightest case of flurries it is a worthwhile investment. The thinnest layer of ice or snow can be threatening, especially when the intruding elements cannot be seen by the driver.

Get a Whole Set
Drivers who think they can get away with only buying two winter tires are causing more trouble than they think. By trying to cheat the system, these negligent drivers are actually putting other people on the road at a greater risk. Instead, look into brands such as Nokian Winter Tires to find affordable, full sets of tires that won’t break the bank. In the long run, your friends, family, and fellow drivers will thank you.

Protecting your Investment
Purchasing winter tires would seem like less of a hassle if you find yourself doing needing to do so infrequently. Treat your tires well and they can last for many years. When not in use, store your winter tires in a dry place and keep them covered. Don’t forget to check their air pressure regularly, as temperature changes can cause expansion or deflation. By spending just a bit of time taking care of your investment, you’ll get more time – and money – out of it.


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