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Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting through the Winter Safely

Once again we find that winter is on the verge of submerging us in inch after inch of the white stuff, but the rest of the world doesn’t stop due to snow. Even in frozen precipitation, we are still expected to travel from place to place in order to accomplish our daily goals.
Unfortunately, winter driving can be one of the most dangerous activities that the common person will be involved in every year. Thankfully, there are a few procedures by which drivers can diminish the odds of getting into an accident during the cold season.
By following the directions listed below, you may greatly increase your chances of having a safe and happy holiday.
·         Make sure that you can see ahead of you clearly. Replace windshield wiper blades and be sure to clean your windows inside and out. For added safety, apply a water-shedding material to the outside of all glass surfaces on your vehicle.
·         Use your headlights to make others around you aware of your presence. Ensure that your lights are completely clear of snow before each drive, lest they be harder to see than normal.
·         Don’t try to steer yourself out of a poor situation. If you hit unexpected icy conditions, you may feel the need to steer frantically to regain control. Unfortunately, once your front tires regain their grip on asphalt, you will continue in whichever way the wheels are pointed. Keep this in mind when you find yourself slipping on ice while driving.
·         Most importantly, invest in snow tires! To have adequate snow traction, a tire requires at least 6/32-inch deep tread. If you live where the roads are regularly covered with snow, Nokian Snow Tires are a great brand to rely on. They have outperformed the competition year after year, sealing their place as a “go to” brand when it comes to winter driving needs.


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