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Monday, December 2, 2013

Keeping your Car in Top Shape

To many owners, their car is much more than a means of getting from one location to another. Much like the cowboy and his beloved steed of the Wild West, drivers often build a special bond with the vehicle that they drive. It makes sense, in that case, for an owner to do what is in his power to keep his car looking great and working at peak efficiency. Unfortunately, a significant amount of bad advice has entered the realm of car care. If you’re looking to keep your car in top shape, be aware of these myths!

Any Cloth Makes for a Perfect Wash Cloth
The worst possible thing for your paint job is scratches, and using a rough surface to clean your vehicle will only cause trouble. For better or worse, this isn’t even close to being true. With a flat surface cloth all you’re doing is pressing the grit deeper into the car’s paint. The reason most car washing clothes are slightly ragged is because dirt is trapped and removed within the ruffles in the cloth.

Dish Soap is Good Enough
Soap is soap, right? Since you already have plenty of that in your kitchen, why not use the same stuff you wash your dishes with? The reason is that dish soap is designed to strip everything off of a surface, which could mean bad news for your paint job. Likewise, dish soap dries at an accelerated rate, which can lead to early oxidation in various parts of your vehicle. Using the appropriate soap is important, and can save you money in the long run!

All Tires are the Same
Why should you go out of your way to invest in a decent pair of tires when the cheap ones work just as well? Unfortunately, the tires of your care are what keep it aloft and stable when driving. In the event of a popped tire, a car can become uncontrollable and inevitably crash into a tree, ditch, or other vehicles. Nokian tires, on the other hand, have been quoted several years in a row as one of the highest rating tires on the market today. One of the most important things you can do for your car, and for yourself, is to invest in a quality assured set of tires.


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