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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Max Grundy Redesigns the Wheel

For many people, a car is nothing more than a tool used to accomplish a task. Thousands of people every day utilize their vehicle for nothing more than getting to school or work, seeing only the intended benefits of a cold, lifeless machine. For artists like Max Grundy, however, cars and trucks are a blank canvas on which genius can be created. While Grundy may be most famous for his traditional paintings, automobiles have always been a large part of his life and work. That is why when American Racing approached him with the offer to create his own wheels, he couldn’t possibly imagine refusing.

Although Grundy admits that the task of redesigning the wheel took him a great amount of time and effort, he eventually created two different masterpieces. The first, entitled “Turbine”, is extremely nostalgic in character and brings to mind the mechanical piece from which it derives its name. The second is called the “Stella”, and features a similar design to the star shape present on a gas mask’s respirator. Both styles are heavily reminiscent of Grundy’s canvas work, granting a futuristic and intensely unique outlook on a classic car part.

“Obviously I’m a big fan of wheels,” said Grundy. “ I never thought I’d get a chance to design them, though.”

Both new wheel designs were shown at SEMA in November 2013, giving others their first look at Grundy’s artistic creations. These beautifully crafted parts, along with other great products such as new American Racing Wheel Caps, will be available from American Racing Custom Wheels in the near future. Each wheel is expected to be in high demand, so be prepared to put your orders in as soon as they become available. Stay connected as we continue to bring you information regarding the latest artistic developments in the automotive world.


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