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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reclaim a Bit of Racing’s Past with Vintage Wheels

In the realm of racing there is little room for error. From the dangers of an unexpected malfunction to faulty parts, even the smallest problem can become a fatal issue. This has lead most manufacturers to produce parts – both internal and external – that are focused entirely on function. While this is understandable, parts built strictly with purpose in mind often lack the luster, beauty, and appeal of those designed to be visually unique or innovative. In fact, one of the most common complaints amongst racers is a distinct lack of the old fashioned icons that encapsulate the nostalgic feeling of old time racing. Thankfully, American Racing Wheels has provided an answer with their latest line of Vintage Forged Wheels.

Any racing fan would be hard pressed to deny the glamor of a 1956 reproduction, but the big question is how well are they made? To put it simply: to customer approval standards. American Racing Vintage Forged wheels are built with 6061 forged aluminum for lightweight and superior strength, guaranteeing their sustainability and functionality in today’s environment. Each wheel in the series is built to order, with custom backspacing available in 1/8th inch increments. All styles are available polished, or finished in color, with a wide range of paint and clear coat options. Not only are they fully customizable and stronger than cast alternatives, but each of these eleven designs promises flawless use and reliability for the racer.

If you’re looking for further reasons to rely on these blasts from the past, each model also introduces several two-piece styles designed to meet all of your pro-touring needs. Imagine it; a wheel that’s not only a work of art, but also designed to produce the optimal balance of lightweight and strength. There’s also an ample amount of clearance for the spokes, meaning they are easily compatible with large-sized performance brakes. No short cuts, no faults, and only the highest quality materials, what more could a fan of vintage racing style ask for?

 When you’re out on the race track, it’s ultimately up to you what parts go into your vehicle. It might be perfectly fine to stick with the industry standards, but racing is a passion as well as an occupation. If you want to take your love of the sport to the next level, or simply wish to relive a part of racing history, leave it to the professional design team at American Racing Wheels to provide exactly what you’re looking for.


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