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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bling up your Ride for Spring

It is that beautiful time of year when the line to the car wash is down the street and around the corner, convertibles can finally go topless, and all the salt and snow disappears from the roads. Now that the winter is finally (well, sort of--hopefully) behind us, many drivers are left with vehicles that are looking and driving not-so-stellar. Not only can the white, crusty salt completely eat away at your paint job if you don't act quickly enough, but plenty of drivers will find that their cars have actually been damaged by the potholes that lurk on every paved surface. You're not alone, and we have tips on how to get your ride looking stealthy and sexy for those hot summer evenings. 

1. Get your car detailed inside and out

It's easy to go the entire winter without hitting the car wash even once – so the first wash in the Spring is even more important for getting your car looking shiny and new. Car washing spots all around town will be offering up deals for a full detail, so don't skimp on it! Take this opportunity to get everything from the dried mud on your interior to the foggy glaze on your headlights removed. Most importantly, get the dried road salt and sand thoroughly removed from your ride as soon as possible. Not only does it look nasty, but it can cause expensive problems down the line. Go somewhere you trust, and think of it as a potentially cost-saving measure for your paint job. The last thing you want is to have to shell out money for something that could have been prevented. 

2. Check your tires and wheels for damage from potholes and poor road conditions

All the expanding and contracting of the pavement has caused loads of problems for vehicle owners. Check each tire for damage, including low air, punctures or wear. If you have hit a pothole hard enough, you may have even bent or damaged the wheel rim. Not to worry! Some cities, such as Chicago, will actually reimburse you for pothole damage (you'll have to file a police report, though – check your local government website for details). If you do find damage and need to replace your rims, go to a reliable source for quality wheels. Never trust a side-of-the-road highway wheel shack that may sell counterfeit or low quality products. American Racing wheels for sale online are your best bet for a sharp set of replacements that, along with that full detail, will easily take your ride from cold to hot in no time.

3. Even if you're not scheduled for maintenance, take your car into the shop

While you may not notice anything wrong, a mechanic's skilled eye will be able to find issues under your car (or under the hood) that you did not catch yourself. Suspension damage, wear on shocks and struts, and misalignment are just a few issues that can be caused by poor road conditions and aggravated by potholes. Left uncared for, these problems can become treacherous over time, so you'll want to get these fixed as soon as possible if they have affected you. Of course, nothing is more of a downer than having a car sit in the driveway while your friends whip around without you, so get your car taken care of early so you'll be riding dirty (well, clean and shiny) by summertime. 



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