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Monday, April 21, 2014

Quick Tips to Make Your Older Car Look New

Are you nostalgic for that new-car smell, but know that investing in a totally new car would be impractical and out of reach? Not to worry – no matter what your budget, at Tires By Web, we have some solutions for sprucing up your old ride that will help you satisfy your urge without ever setting foot in a dealership.

1. Pay Attention to Detail

The easiest and most affordable way to make your vehicle look its best, regardless of age, is to get the exterior washed and detailed. The wash will get your car looking shiny, and the wax will help gloss over and diminish scratches on the clear coat. Pay special attention to the headlights when waxing to remove the foggy-looking buildup that can develop over time. Though it is unsightly, headlight fog is usually easy to remove thanks to waxing and/or special fog removing solutions. If you have any bigger scratches, a touch up paint pen is a quick alternative to a complete overhaul of the exterior.

2. It's What's on the Inside that Counts

This isn't just a cliché to describe romantic relationships – it's also true if you want to show your car some love! You're the one sitting in your car all the time, and if you aren't treating the interior well, you might be unintentionally adding to that older-car feeling. To improve your car's inner longevity, cease any smoking or eating in the vehicle as soon as possible; this might be a hard habit to break, but you're needlessly aging the fabric of your car with stains and smells. In addition, get the fabrics professionally shampooed and the interior conditioned to give your vehicle that like-new smell and feel. If your mats are looking especially ragged, aftermarket replacements are available (you can select stock or go with an eye-catching design).

Remember, when this spills, it will be messy and smell.

3. There's No Plate like Chrome
If your vehicle is looking dull, the easiest way to brighten it up is to make it shiny with the help of chrome additions. If you really want to ramp up your car's bling factor, replace your current wheels with American Racing rims, which come in an array of styles and sizes. Additionally, almost any car body accessory you can think of can be found in chrome, including mirror covers, fuel doors, tailgates, even door handles. Replacing a few exterior parts with a nice, shiny chrome will take your car from a 2 to a 10 in no time. Visually making over your car is an exciting way to enjoy small improvements, without the heartache of buyer's remorse.



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