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Thursday, July 2, 2015

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Flat Tires on Your ATV

Getting a flat tire while you're off-roading with your ATV is not a fun experience. It takes you away from the trails and fun, and changing a flat tire on these vehicles isn't exactly a quick process. While there is no guaranteed method for preventing a flat, there are precautions you can take to help reduce the chances of it happening.

1. Check Your Air Pressure Regularly

If your tires don't have the correct amount of air pressure, you are much more likely to experience issues. Underinflated tires commonly result in blowouts and flats, and overinflated tires are prone to damage from bumpy trails and rocks. You can avoid these problems by simply checking your pressure and ensuring that your tires don't have too little or too much air.

2. Watch Your Tire Tread

You should visually inspect your tires for uneven tread, which can cause your ATV to experience handling problems. Take notice of any excessive wear, as well. Over time, the tread wears down and, when it does, you will need to replace your tires.

3. Switch Your Tires

If you have non-directional tires (i.e. not explicitly made for a specific wheel), you can switch them when they start to wear, as long as the wear is distributed equally on both tires. This will allow you to get better traction again and the longest life out of your tires.

4. Don't Take Unnecessary Risks

While the entire point of an ATV may be to traverse the rougher terrain that your car wouldn't have a chance of handling, there's no need to take unnecessary chances. For instance, see a big, sharp rock that you don't have to go over? Drive around it! And take it easy going around corners. As with a car, hard, fast cornering will wear your tires out much more quickly than using a little bit of caution will.

5. Purchase Quality Tires

Because tires come in different sizes, materials, treads, and more, the type you purchase plays a major role in their ability to handle the trails. When shopping for new tires, search for a thick tread that is puncture resistant.

As your leading tire provider, we at Tires By Web want to help you avoid major inconveniences and protect your investment. With a multitude of options like Desert Tires, we hope to ensure that your off-roading trips remain enjoyable and flat free!



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