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Monday, August 31, 2015

Buying a Used Car? Here Are 5 Things You Cannot Forget to Check Before Purchase

If you’re looking to buy a used car, you probably already know there are many things you should take into consideration. The shopping experience can be daunting, but necessary to ensure you get a reliable and safe car and at a reasonable expense. Because you’re buying used, it’s even more crucial to making sure your car doesn’t come with any hidden, unpleasant surprises. With that being said, here are a few general pointers on what to keep an eye out for when looking at used cars.

Check the Tires
Most people start the vehicle inspection from the outside since the physical appearance of the vehicle is what usually catches their attention. While you should certainly check for any paint marks, indents or other damages, what some may overlook are the tires. Sellers should have new tires on any used cars for sale in order to make it more attractive. When car shopping, you should ask the dealer about the age of the tires. Keep in mind that manufacturers recommend a tire inspection when the tires are five years old since that’s when they most likely need replacement. Ignoring the age of the tires and not replacing them with new ones can wind up costing you a good chunk of money. We sell an array of tires and wheels for sale in which you can conveniently shop for any brand or type including XD wheels, Vogue tires and so much more online. 

Look Under the Hood
Because there are so many important parts under your hood that keep your car functioning, it’s vital check for any dents, damage or rust. If any of these appear, it can be a sign that the car was poorly taken care of. 

Inspect the Engine
The engine is the heart of your vehicle, so you should check it for any sort of leak or corrosion. Also take a look at the brake fluid to check that it is not leaking, and take notice of the belts, as they should look fairly new. 

Turn on the Heating and Air
If the sale ad and/or seller don't directly tell you that the heating and air conditioning doesn’t work, you should turn on the systems to ensure that they are working well. If they don’t work and the seller doesn’t inform you beforehand, you may be able to bargain a lower price for the vehicle. 

The Vehicle History Report
While a visual inspection and asking the right questions can tell you a lot about the vehicle, a vehicle history report will reveal the car’s entire accident history. This way, you know of any accidents the vehicle has been in and its repair history.



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