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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle: Avoid These Driving Habits

Did you know that your driving habits affect the performance of your vehicle? Even if you do, there's a chance that you forget it, especially when you are late and trying to get to work on time or are switching between hitting the gas and the brakes because you're stuck in traffic. While these situations can be a pain, you should always remember that poor driving habits can have adverse long-term effects on your vehicle. You may find that your car needs unexpected maintenance, or repairs sooner than it should, which can be costly. Driving responsibly ensures that your vehicle components last for as long as they should and that your car continues to function. To keep your vehicle in good condition, avoid these poor driving habits.


More people are guilty of this than they may think. Speeding puts you at risk of getting a ticket or being involved in an accident, and wastes gas. It also forces your engine to work harder to pump more fuel, thus increasing the emissions. High speeds can increase the rate of tire wear, as well, possibly forcing you to replace the tires earlier than you might have anticipated.

Not Giving Your Car Time to Warm Up

Allowing your car to warm up for a minute or two when it's cold outside is a common precaution – and a necessary one. Cold weather is rough on your engine, which actually requires more energy to start in cold temperatures. The oil is also cold and thick, making it more difficult for car parts to operate, and gasoline is harder to burn when it's cold outside. Taking a little time to let the car warm up can help your engine last longer and run well.

Driving With Heavy Loads

You should already know how much cargo your car can hold but, if you're not sure, your owner's manual should indicate it. Placing extra or unnecessary weight on your car can strain the engine, increase wear and tear, and reduce your fuel economy.

Poor Tire Maintenance

Driving with overinflated or underinflated tires wears down the treads and wastes fuel. Tires that are not properly inflated can negatively affect your car's handling and braking, and can result in a blowout. Ensure that your tires are inflated at the proper level and test your tread to see if you need new tires. Should you need a new set, Tires By Web is your place for all your wheel and tire needs! You can find everything you're looking for, from XD Series rims to Vogue tires and more, all at great prices. 

Not Taking Weather Conditions into Account

You may forget how the weather and road conditions can impact braking and visibility. When driving through rain, thunderstorms or snow, you should go at a slower than average speed to ensure that you don't skid. An accident would definitely decrease the life of your vehicle, but skidding and braking can be hard on your tires even if you manage to pull out of it. In other words, better safe than sorry!

If you take the above advice, your vehicle, wheels, and other car components will all last longer. If you need new wheels or tires, however, check out our inventory at Tires By Web!



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